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List of New Friends In My First Week in Columbus

List of New Friends In My First Week in Columbus


Crystal - a trainer at the local 9Round. Coached me through my first trial workout and told me Hilliard Fest was happening that day.

  • Costco Employee - sold me my first ever Costco membership and told me about her vacations to Utah and how much she loved it there.

  • Josh at Target - Man who over pronounced and bagged verrrry slowly. Might try self-checkout but I needed price checks.

  • Cashiers at the local Speedway -  Male attendant asked If I had a Speedy card and I said no. "Why not??" He replied incredulously. "I just moved here." The next visit the Lady attendant asked me about my Fair Life chocolate milk I was buying after said 9Round workout. She said she loves chocolate milk but she was worried this kind would be too thick. I assured her it was not and she'd love it.

  • Gabby - Leasing agent at the first apartment building I toured. Columbus native, said I'd love it here.

  • Ally - Last leasing agent I met as I'm signing a contract in her building as I type! Says I'm so cool and would love me to live there. Also a Columbus native and went to OSU.

  • The first three people I met in my YSA ward were named Michael, Matt and Melissa. Also all of my siblings' names in the correct order.

  • Met my four year old niece's girl squad. They are too cool for me.

  • The Mormon LDS Doctor's Wives club is my new favorite club and I'm happy to be an unqualified honorary member. How these ladies survive med school and 5+ year residences WITH CHILDREN is amazing and beyond me. True heroes right there. Also a super fun zoo crew.

 Watch out any friendly Columbus fast food workers or retail associates. You might make my list next week!

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